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Aska Engineering (Philippines), Inc. is pioneer in introduction of titanium insoluble anodes and also conducting Research and Development on the processing technology of titanium insoluble anodes in the Philippines. Our Engineering capability is inspired by Aska Engineering Co. Ltd., Japan who has over two decades in processing related to titanium insoluble anodes. We are determined to developed special techniques in printing board of Titanium Insoluble Anode and for practical use of plating G-Roll Insoluble Anode for immediate success.

The primary objective of Aska Engineering is "Quality first" therefore we provide and manufacture new and unique types of electrodes in the market for industrial applications in the future.

To our Valued Customer

Our company offers outsourced services to the manufacturing industry.

   Our services range from technical support, assembly, facilities and skilled manpower.

      We are highly flexible and willing to support our customers needs promptly